Frequently Asked Questions:

Water Shutoff
Please post in prominent locations water shutoff notices at least 72 hours in advance of repair. Any water shutoff must start no earlier than 9 am and cannot last more than 3 hours. If this is an emergency, please advise any available board member and post signs as soon as possible.)

Please no pizza boxes or large boxes down the trash shut. Make sure trash is bagged and tied before tossing down the trash shut. Any and all large items must be placed in the dumpsters; no exeptions!

Parking Garage / Visitor Parking
Please be mindful and not speed in the parking garage, there are small children in the complex. Although we have two gates with separate codes, please look your vehicle(s) as the HOA is not responsible for any theft.

Visitor Parking is just that -- for your guests. Please ask for a parking permit from an HOA board member. If no permit is available, on a sheet of paper write "GUEST" on it with your unit number and the date(s). Violators will be towed at owner's expense.

HOA Dues (Payments)
Your monthly HOA Dues (Assessment/Payments) are due on the first of every month in the amount of $290.00. Payments received after the 15th of the month must include a late fee of $25.50 (total $315.50).

To pay HOA dues online:
Click on "Request access to portal"

To pay HOA dues by mail:
Payable to: Gaviota Heights HOA
Appleby Property Management
119 Linden Avenue
Long Beach, Ca 90802
*Please include your unit number on the check if not already there. Missing coupon books may be obtained by contacting Appleby.

Please use caution while using the equipment in the gym. Minors must be supervised by an adult, no exceptions. As a courtesy to others, please remember to wipe down the equipment after you use.

Package Locker
When a carrier delivers, you will be alerted via email with a code. All packages must be picked up wthin 12 hours of notification to allow locker space for the next day deliveries.
Any oversized boxes that do not fit in the locker should be noted to the carrier to deliver directly to your door.
To register for package locker -
(Click on "I need to register" underneath the password)
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